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“Think Up! Becoming a More Intentional Teacher”

Drawn from the e-book “Think UP! Developing High Level Instructional Supports – A Guidebook for Coaches and Instructional Leaders,” this episode looks at teacher intentionality. In this podcast, Sara Beach, M. ED from Synapse Early Learning System discusses the benefits of pushing oneself, as a teacher, to become more intentional, and what this means. Using some real classroom examples, we promote taking the initiative

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Routines, Routines, Routines

For months now our routines have been disrupted with the extended stay at home order and continued progression of COVID-19. Stress and anxieties levels are high while parents and teachers navigate working from home, distance learning, and trying to find our routines in our chaotic situations. We all depend on routines, starting with what we do as soon as we

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