Points of You®

Unknown3Synapse Early Learning Systems is excited to present a series of workshops using the Points of You® coaching games! Certified Points of You® trainer.

Unknown2What is Points of You®?  This innovative new coaching and personal growth tool is based on the concept of “Phototherapy,” which is about building awareness and insights through the power of photos.

The idea involves activating both the analytical left brain and creative right brain together, as well as the emotional mid-brain parts. Points of You® games can be adapted to any audience or purpose, from business to educational, spiritual, or personal.

In this workshop, you will spend 4 hours discovering limitless points of view, reflecting on your passions in a new way, and exploring possibilities for expansion and growth in your life and work.

Start the new year with clear goals, a new perspective on old issues, and a clear 2019 picture for yourself for life, work, relationship, family, or whatever issue or decision you’re currently dealing with.  Invest time in your own growth, and see where life can take you!

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