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Leadership and Systems

Office of Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF)

CLASSroom Assessment Scoring System / Improving CLASS Scores

Data Utilization for Program Improvements

Preparing for a Monitoring Visit

Instructional Coaching

Practice Based Coaching

Implementation of Curriculum

Instructional Leadership

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Leadership and Systems

  • Office of Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) – Implementing High-Quality Systems
  • Inclusive and Collaborative Leadership
  • Creating and Implementing Systems for Quality and Continued Improvement
  • Data – Utilization of Program Data to Drive the Improvement Process
  • Pedagogical Leadership vs. Administrative Leadership: What does it mean to be an Instructional (Pedagogical) Leader

Instructional Leadership / Coaching

  • Implementation of the Curriculum
  • Facilitation of Team Lesson Planning
  • Implementation of Job-Embedded Professional Learning Routines: Peer Learning Groups; PLC’s
    • Facilitation Skills
    • Utilization of Protocols for Routine, Systematic, Effective, and Sustainable Professional Learning

CLASS Assessment Scoring System

  • Systems of Support: Understanding the Foundations that Must be in Place in Order to Raise Scores
  • Creating a System for CLASS Implementation: Learn / Measure / Improve
  •  Understanding CLASS Data and using it to Plan for Program and Individual       Professional Development Planning
  • How to Help Teachers Understand their Scores
  • Adopting a “Strengths-Based” Approach
  •  Creating a Process for Providing Meaningful, Regular Feedback to Teachers
  •  How to work with Teachers Very Intentionally on Very Specific Dimensions, Indicators, and Behavioral Markers:
    • Setting up and Implementing a Coaching System to work on CLASS skills
    • Creating and Facilitating Peer Learning Groups to Address CLASS Dimensions
    • Utilizing Parallel Processes

Implementation of Curriculum and Assessment Systems

  • Setting up the Assessment and Curriculum Planning System
  • Understanding the Cycle of Assessment, Planning, and Implementation for Effective Teaching
  • How to Help Teachers Understand the Value of their Data for Lesson Planning
  • Guiding Teachers’ Understanding and Addressing of Standards, Goals, and Objectives
  • Documentation Processes

Understanding and Meeting your District or Agency’s Monitoring Guidelines

  • Creating / Improving Systems for Data Collection and Analysis
  • Creating Routines and Systems for Documentation and Accountability
  • Preparing for a Monitoring Visit or Federal Review
    • May include assessment of classroom quality
    • Help with Documentation
    • CQIP planning and tracking
    • Data-driven planning


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