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How to Make Teaching a Ton More Fun!

Engaging with Kids in Concept Development. Are you worried about the new school year?How can you engage your students?  How can you prevent them from acting bored and messing around when they should be listening? For answers to these questions and more we are reviewing, Every Child’s A Champion Podcast #7, How to Make Learning a Ton More Fun! Engaging With

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Routines, Routines, Routines

For months now our routines have been disrupted with the extended stay at home order and continued progression of COVID-19. Stress and anxieties levels are high while parents and teachers navigate working from home, distance learning, and trying to find our routines in our chaotic situations. We all depend on routines, starting with what we do as soon as we

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Why the Best Teachers Talk to Themselves All Day Long – Podcast Episode 6

The Power of Self and Parallel Talk: When I was a first-time mom, I was always reading interesting books and articles about child development, searching for cool videos (this was before the internet age, so I literally mean I had to search for good VHS tapes I could check out or purchase!) One of the videos I happened upon was

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Everything’s connected……or at least it should be!

Synapse Blog –   For my First Synapse Blog post, I decided to share this short article, and why I love the concept of SYNAPSES. I chose the name “Synapse” for the consulting and training work that I do because to me, nothing is more important than connections, at every level. I’m making it my mission to help early education teachers

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Leaders Hold the Keys to Teacher Improvement

Let’s get going, Leaders — your teachers’ growth and success is in large part dependent on you! It’s so important for Pre-K teachers to have some time regularly (outside the classroom) to collaborate: share practices, share lesson planning, and learn from and with each other. But this requires the commitment of system leaders and the work of a skilled Instructional

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CLASS Reliability / Recertification Prep

Need help getting ready for the CLASS Reliability Test? We can help! Sign up for one of our monthly LIVE reliability prep webinars and get ready for your test. Hosted by Master Trainer and CLASS expert Sara Beach, the webinars review the most important content and coding tips specific to each of the 10 Dimensions, review scoring utilizing Ms. Beach’s

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