How to Actually Enjoy Your Job During Stressful Times!

This week we are reviving part of our first broadcast on “How to enjoy your job”. Our world has really changed, and so has teaching! A year ago, we would have thought things couldn’t get any more stressful when it came to the work we do and juggling it all with families, education, etc…..None of us was prepared for a pandemic! So it is a great time to revisit the topic of stress reduction, and getting our mindsets in a positive place about the work we’re doing. Creating a safe, consistent learning space for our students was never more important than it is at this very moment. And never was there a more critical time for guarding and championing our own health and mental health! Find out how in this podcast.

Sara Beach, President and Lead Consultant at Synapse Early Learning Systems presents some of the latest research about what factors can influence your job satisfaction and will give you some ideas to ponder and some tips to try, for changing the way you feel, even in the face of some undeniably negative circumstances.

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