How Do I Establish Consistent Routines?

Teachers, as you return to school for the Pre-K or Head Start school year, creating and teaching the children solid routines will be the most important thing you can do to help everyone get off to a smooth start. Each main part of your daily schedule should have a planned routine with some key things included: 

1) How will it begin? 

2) What will be the steps?

3) How will it end?  

Each fall we are all in the same boat of having to establish new routines. Parents are transitioning children from the summer days of sleeping in and playing all day to readjusting to getting up early and heading to school. Teachers are readying the classrooms and in-person or remote lessons. But all children need the consistency of strong and regular routines. How can we establish our routines?

Sara Beach, President and Lead Consultant at Synapse Early Learning explains why routines are so important to preschoolers, and helps teachers establish and reinforce routines so that children can learn and feel safe during the “new normal.”  

Download a free “Routine Planning Template” at where you can also find examples of lunch time and circle time routines. 

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