“Think Up! Becoming a More Intentional Teacher”

Drawn from the e-book “Think UP! Developing High Level Instructional Supports – A Guidebook for Coaches and Instructional Leaders,” this episode looks at teacher intentionality.

In this podcast, Sara Beach, M. ED from Synapse Early Learning System discusses the benefits of pushing oneself, as a teacher, to become more intentional, and what this means. Using some real classroom examples, we promote taking the initiative with our reflective practices and doing several things to move towards greater intentionality:

1 )to carve out specific time each week to reflect upon our teaching practices and the outcomes they are generating;

2) to make more efforts to dialogue with colleagues about the individual instructional support strategies (CLASS™ indicators and behavioral markers) so that we deepen our own understandings;

 3) to mindfully plan specific instructional conversations, open-ended questions, analysis and reasoning strategies, advanced vocabulary, etc. when you do your lesson planning.

Every Child’s Champion gives you a thoughtful, informative look at the most important issues and topics in the Early Childhood Education field.

To listen the podcast, Every Child’s Champion and to learn the key behaviors of an intentional teacher, when it comes to engaging in high level instructional supports, visit: Every Child’s Champion Podcast, https://synapseearlylearning.com/https-synapseearlylearni…/… and click: “Think Up! Becoming a More Intentional Teacher”

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