How to Make Teaching a Ton More Fun!

Engaging with Kids in Concept Development.

Are you worried about the new school year?
How can you engage your students?  How can you prevent them from acting bored and messing around when they should be listening?

For answers to these questions and more we are reviewing, Every Child’s A Champion Podcast #7, How to Make Learning a Ton More Fun! Engaging With Kids in ConceptDevelopment.
In this podcast, Sara Beach, M. ED from Synapse Early Learning System explains how teachers can use “higher-order-thinking processes” as a way to get students more engaged, and deepening everyone’s understandings much, much more!
Asking “how” and “why” questions, comparing and classifying are a few of the “analysis and reasoning” practices she talks about in this podcast. When you challenge children to compare and contrast, classify, problem-solve, and use their powers of reasoning more, you engage their minds in ways you never thought possible. When they get used to being challenged, they will rise to the occasion and begin exercising parts of their brain like a muscle, they get better and better at with time. Deepen their learning by more fully developing the concepts that come from your curriculum. You can do this by focusing in on the “how” and “why” of things, rather than just the “what.”

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Teaching becomes much more fun when you challenge both yourself and your students to THINK!

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