How to SLAY the ECERS-3 Math Items! (Part 1)

Math CAN Be Fun to Teach!

Math is a subject a lot of teachers either shy away from or don’t really know how or what to teach. Yet, research has shown that early Math skills are predictive of later math AND reading achievement; there is a strong tie between children’s expressive vocabulary and their math learning in Pre-K.

Sara Beach, M. ED from Synapse Early Learning System looks at the number and math items from the ECERS-3, and goes into depth on teaching math in meaningful ways. She reviews the many math concepts and skills teachers should introduce to students, and how to make math fun and meaningful by connecting these concepts and skills to the topics and activities children are most interested in. Challenging children’s higher-order thinking skills by focusing in on the “how” and the “why” of things, utilizing number, measurement, shapes and spatial awareness to find the answers to children’s important questions – all of this is done within the context of children’s play and the everyday routines and activities like outdoor time and making snack. Through this podcast, Sara offers some words of inspiration that will help teachers look at the teaching of math concepts and skills as an opportunity for fun, creativity, and student engagement.  

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