Exciting New Developments!

Wow! Things are moving quickly here at Synapse Early Learning Systems. I mean in terms of new business opportunities and developments! I recently reluctantly let go of my work with state pre-K leaders, to free up some time that I had been spending on the road. This past year I was so fortunate to be be a “IL Master Cadre trainer” and process coach for our statewide roll-out of the Pyramid Model. That has been some of the most rewarding work I think I have ever done, because of my lifelong passion for the social-emotional needs of both students and teachers. In August, I joined a team of people doing state systems work for the IL Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development; that will continue a little longer. I also have the privilege of doing training and classroom observations for Lakeshore Learning company, about once a month.

What I’m super excited about, though, is the online work that is developing in Synapse! Our podcast has officially launched, and I am busy developing the many resources that will go along with all the topics we dig into.

Here’s where I need YOUR input! Please share this with the teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders you may work with. I think there will be valuable nuggets for each group of EC professionals. We have a Facebook group called Every Child’s Champion Podcast Group @ECchampions – if you listen to the podcast, please “join” our group and share your thoughts!

You can also comment on my blog post, and share topics you would like me to talk about on the podcast, resources you are in need of, or particular issues you’re grappling with. I am here to serve you!

Just want you to know I appreciate you and your membership and partnership with me – you are truly a Champion for children!

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