011: “I Don’t Want to Get Sick!”

This is the CDC website for Child Care Centers and Schools


Handwashing Basics:


Handwashing Posters:


Health Promotion Materials:


If you have to Re-vamp your Routines, here are some resources for you!


Link to the Positive Early Learning Experiences Center (Pele Center) at Denver University

NCPMI   – National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations

Materials to Download:

Templates and Samples: 

Here is the Planning Template for planning daily routines.

Checklist for Analyzing Your Daily Routines

This is a Sample Routine Planning sheet for Lunch Time.

This is a Sample Routine Planning sheet for Morning Circle Time.           


A classroom teacher explains how she uses a Visual Schedule.  

“Checking Our Schedule” Video – part of Morning Circle Time.

Individualized picture schedule strategy (Video): Mikayla has her own individual Picture Schedule to help guide her behavior and keep her on track.

This video shows how children use the circle time flipchart to select their Center Time activity. This builds language skills (they are encouraged to use full sentences), and it also helps to organize their behavior while playing in centers – because it focuses them on what they are doing. 

This video (from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations), depicts an example of a child who is in charge of the Transition Warnings


Visual Schedules Article

Check out this great article about Helping Children Understand Schedules and Routines, from the Center on the Social-Emotional Foundations of Early Learning  (at Vanderbilt University, also now merged with the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations website)

Super Article by Lesson Pix – on Beginning the Year with Proactive Discipline

Video about the benefits of Routines for one speech-delayed child
Video of a Transition Routine