001_The Best Early Childhood Teachers Podcast on the Planet (Introduction)

Show Notes From Our Podcasts

001_The Best Early Childhood Teachers Podcast on the Planet (Introduction)

Welcome to Every Child’s Champion! The first podcast gave listeners an introduction to the Every Child’s Champion Podcast. Here is a list of our first ten Podcasts:

001_The Best Early Childhood Teacher Podcast on the Planet – an Introduction

002_How to Actually Enjoy Your Job: It’s Your Choice!

003_“These Kids Are Out of Control!” – How to Get a Grip

004_Donna-Nylander-The Pyramid Model – Help With Challenging Behaviors

005_Be The Place Where Everyone Wants to Be! Building a Safe, Positive, Classroom Community.  Creating a Positive Climate, a climate of Safety and Security, where each child feels Important and Valued. 

006_ Life Coach Tana Inskeep_The Compound Effect

007_How Promote Really Good Behavior, Part I : Your Daily Schedule

008_How Promote Really Good Behavior, Part 2: Routines, Routines, Routines!!

009_How to Promote Really Good Behavior, Part 3: Clear Rules and Expectations – for Good Behavior Management we have to have Clearly Stated Expectations and know how to set expectations that are realistic, appropriate, and then know how to follow through on enforcing them with out punishment or negativity.

0010_Why Kids Behave Better when You Use Visuals, and What to Create

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